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   Since redconsulting was established in 2008, we have grown our business from strategic planning and development of businesses in the travel, healthcare and medical assistance industry to now include areas that independently review travel claims and medical assistance management, focusing on maximizing claims recoveries, generating cost containment savings and strengthening a company’s fraud control methods, all of which leads to improving profitability. This area is seen by insurers and payers of claims as essential to ensure that claims costs are managed firmly and fairly, while balancing the needs and expectations of their customers.
   In addition, we have developed ideas of managing the customer experience, by independently monitoring a client’s service offering in all aspects of customer contact, and then producing ideas that are not just smarter, but that generates an emotional relationship between clients and their customers that can be aligned to a changing customer’s lifestyle and their needs.
   Finally, it is clear that some companies that we work with have limited IT resources available to them, and although IT solutions are not always the answer to business needs, redconsulting can now offer IT support, which enables a speedy and efficient solution to be delivered when required.